Cabernet Franc
The colour is a full purple-red, at the nose it offers a grassy and herbal aroma. The palate is full, rich and round. It has an excellent persistence.
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This wine owes its peculiarities to the stony soil where the grapes grow. Straw-coloured with a nose of nuts, golden apple and crust of bread it has a soft taste which leaves the mouth clean and dry.
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Pinot Grigio
Straw-coloured with ash-grey tints this wine has inviting fragrances of vanilla and lime-blossoms. The palate is intense and the finish has an excellent persistence.
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This yellow-green wine has a delicate and fruity aroma to the nose. The palate is round with hints of almond and sage. It has a good persistence.
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This is a vibrant, intense purple-red wine with a raspberry-like aroma. The palate is dry and round, by ageing it acquires a drier slightly bitter taste and develops a rich bouquet.
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sede: via Ca' Basse 1 - 30020 Gruaro Ve
cantina: via Molino 36/a - 30020 Gruaro Ve